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Bathroom wall tile 12×12


Different bathroom tiles help us to create different bathroom designs. With the enormous variety of sizes, colors and materials you can choose one that will suit perfectly for the concept of your bathroom. 12×12 bathroom wall tiles are the most…
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Bathroom carpet floor tiles


Nobody loves to feel the cold bathroom floor after getting himself out of a hot bath or a shower. Some people even believe that it’s bad for health. But nowadays technologies make our dreams come true. If you face such a…
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Shower tile ideas on a budget


Many people don’t like to talk about any kind of remodeling as they think that it is quite a costly thing. In this article we will throw light upon remodeling in a bathroom on a budget. Remodeling in the bathroom…
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Bathroom tile ideas on a budget


Remodeling was always a problem for people who care a lot about their budget because buying materials and furniture hits their pockets. But we can assure you that creating a beautiful bathroom can be really cheap but you should be…
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Bathroom tile designs on a budget


Some people are afraid of any type of remodeling because of the only factor – money. They find it extremely expensive to remodel a room in a flat, especially a bathroom. But it doesn’t mean that your bathroom will be…
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Hexagon bathroom floor tile ideas


Probably you’ve seen a million times a bathroom floor decorated with hexagon bathroom tile. But you can’t imagine how many designs may be created with this tile. Hexagon tile is very comfortable to work with: there are different sizes of…
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Small hexagon bathroom tile designs


Remodeling in a bathroom is quite difficult when it comes to making a decision about which tile to use so in this article we would like to throw light upon small hexagon bathroom tile designs. Small hex tile can be…
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Hexagon ceramic bathroom tile


As you may have already seen, bathroom tile is numerous in its shape, color, size, material and purpose. And the topic of this article is hexagon tile and the possible variants of its usage. This tile is usually made of…
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Hex tiles for bathroom floor


Decorating bathroom floors can become a serious problem for a person who decided to make out something unique and unusual for his bathroom. In the store a person can face the large amount of different types of the tile. Size,…
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Bathroom hex tile ideas


Bathroom tiles are the most effective means of decoration for bathrooms. They are strong, waterproof and washable so that tidying a bathroom is easy. The variety of bathroom tile can easily surprise you when you are at the store. In…
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Octagon bathroom tile


hen you come to a store for new bathroom tile you surely meet a variety of it so you can easily be taken aback. The number of different types of the tile is enormous, and sometimes it is quite hard…
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Classic bathroom floor tile patterns


What do we know about classic bathroom floor tile pattern? Are there many? Or maybe they are so difficult to make? Indeed, there are nowadays a lot of tiles that can be suitable for the classic bathroom. One of such…
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Classic bathroom tile design ideas


There are so many classic bathroom tile design ideas nowadays, so you can choose whatever suits you the best way. Classic look can be achieved by using special tiles or specific colour scheme. One of the way to have it…
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Classic bathroom tile designs pictures


For the classic bathroom tile designs pictures you don’t have to run far – they are all available in our gallery. Other than that you may check all the reliable internet sources and some specialized magazines. One of the most…
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Cool bathroom tile designs ideas


Where to start with cool bathroom tile designs ideas? A patterned tile floor can take your bathroom from simple to stunning. There are many exciting designs to choose from, and our guide to the most popular patterns will help you…
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Craftsman style bathroom tile


How to get proper craftsman style bathroom tile? One of the ways is to use laminate flooring. Installing laminate floors is quite simple do it yourself project, even for homeowners with limited home-improvement skills , as usual that means even more savings…
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Farmhouse bathroom tile


Have you ever heard about farmhouse bathroom tile? Do you have any idea what could it mean?  Farmhouse is another term to describe rustic, or rural, style. It is also known as cottage style. Don’t allow  resale value cause you…
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Custom bathroom tile designs


To get proper custom bathroom tile design one needs to ask help of the professionals because every custom alteration should be done properly. Custom bathroom is also quite an expensive thing to be done. So, you need to check your budget first. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular and the most common to be customized, yet some people decide work with marble, limestone, natural stones or even laminate or hardwood. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are quite durable but because they have a lot of pores they are prone to the mold growth. Therefore, choosing them you need to be sure such tiles do have special anti-mold and anti-bacterial coating. Marble tiles could be better in terms of design ideas and of course they look magnificent on photos and pictures. But their cost is high and then all your mistakes will hurt your budget for sure.

Decorative bathroom tile accents


In order to get proper decorative bathroom tile accent you need to check many things. They are show rooms displaying tiles, designers studio with highly skilled professional designers, etc. Tile accent will be needed for you in order to draw attention to a special part of your bathroom or to highlight a chosen style and design. Accent ideas are so many, so you may choose few in order to compare them later and see which is the most suitable for your own bathroom. Ceramic tiles may have accent in colour scheme, so you can choose a bit darker decorative tiles to highlight bigger tiles of other colour. Or you may have an accent about shapes – then you need to play with sizes and shapes of the tiles. Just take a look at pictures and photos in order to get some understanding what we are talking here about.

Bathroom flooring laminate tile effect


Is it possible to get bathroom flooring laminate tile effect at home? Of course, it is possible. Modern renovation marker is offering many options if you would like to have such flooring which looks like laminate but in fact is a good old reliable tiles. Laminate effect is the most suitable for the large bathroom space as those tiles with laminate effect are usually of bid size, their most common shape is rectangular. There are many ideas of laminate effect tile design, and many pictures and photos are available in various sources as online as offline. Being said it would be wise to have a full picture of your bathroom design before choosing any floor tiles with or without effects.

Custom shower tile designs


If you would like to get custom shower tile designs then you need help of the professionals. Because indeed it is not easy to make customized tiles on your own. You just don’t have required skills and equipment. Internet resources are offering nowadays a lot of photos and pictures showing numerous shower tiles ideas and designs. Customizing tiles simply means to make some changes or alterations. You can change their colour maybe making such a unique combination that no one else has. You also can put some additional incisions onto the common ceramic tiles or make some patterns or pictures on the tiles surface. As well it is possible to combine different textures on the shower wall using some glass tiles with maybe porcelain tiles to reach immediate amazing effect.