Grey brown bathroom tiles


There are colors that combine (or contrast) perfectly and attract everyone, like black and white or blue and white. There are colors that need careful consideration before combining in terms of interior design – a so called “no-no” of home…
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Dark brown bathroom floor tile


We all know that color influences both physical and psychological state of the person. So, you need to think twice before using one or another color in your room, especially in bathroom where we like to relax and forget about…
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Chocolate brown bathroom tiles


If you have decided upon what color to use in your bathroom, congratulations – you have a good start. You still need to make a decision about a certain shade or shades of this color, though. So, if you picked…
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Chocolate brown bathroom floor tiles


Chocolate is one of the best shades of brown, especially when it comes to home decor and remodeling. We all like chocolate – let’s admit it! Besides, this shade is rich and intense and can help you create a special…
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Brown mosaic bathroom tiles


Mosaic tile is one of the most popular for bathroom decorating. It looks gorgeous, it is unique and it is practical. Mosaics can be used to decorate walls and floor of the bathroom as well as to finish off the…
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Brown bathroom wall tiles


Brown is the color of choice for many designers and homeowners alike who want to remodel the bathroom. The reasons for it are plenty. Firstly, brown is the color associated with nature – it is the color of earth, soil…
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Beige and brown bathroom tiles


If you’re looking for a perfect color combination for your bathroom tile, think about one of the most interesting but often underestimated – beige and brown. These two colors are perfect if you want to create calm and relaxed atmosphere…
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Brown bathroom floor tiles

Brown bathroom is stylish, original and luxurious. As brown color can be often seen in nature (soil, tree bark, mountain stones etc.), it is the color of constancy, harmony and balance. But brown is rather warm color so you need…
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Brown bathroom tile


Brown tile for bathroom or toiler is rather popular solution. It has many advantages. Brown color calms and creates a sense of safety. It can also encourage relaxation helping you to rest. Besides, brown items often look expensive and noble…
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Brown and white bathroom tiles


Brown is the color of earth and trees, it brings calm and peace, it conciliates and downs to earth. That is why it is often used in interiors. In most cases brown color is present in the flat or house…
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