Royal blue bathroom tiles


Sometimes it’s all said in one word. If you want a really royal bathroom, a small kingdom for you and your royal family where you could feel like a true king/queen, what can be better than royal blue bathroom tile?…
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Retro blue bathroom tile


There are many ways to make your bathroom look vintage, like in the days long gone by. Retro is one of the most popular style in interiors no matter the age. We always like to look back and cherish the…
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Pale blue bathroom tiles


We all want to live brightly. We want colors in our life all the time. In everything. But when it comes to home interior sometimes, you’d better think twice. What if lack of color is the best option for your…
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Navy blue bathroom tiles


Despite quite wide range of choices offered by the manufacturers blue bathroom tile is still one of the most popular finishing materials. It fits well into the interior and is associated with water element. Perhaps, someone may find blue color…
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Light blue bathroom tile


If you want a blue bathroom you have probably already know that there are dozens of shades of blue tile on the market. And picking the right one can be a problem. Usually, you have to decide upon what tone…
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Large blue bathroom tiles


If, thinking about remodeling of your bathroom, you have chosen to use large blue bathroom tiles you made the right choice for two reasons. First of all, big size of the tile will look advantageous in bathrooms of almost any…
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Duck egg blue bathroom tiles


Duck egg blue is the shade that has something blue and something green in it. So, it is one of the most suitable colors for bathroom. This shade is hard to describe – you need to see it to appreciate…
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Dark blue bathroom tile


Blue bathroom is already classic as this color is chosen for walls and floor finishing more and more often. In order to refresh traditional look you can recreate bathroom interior in dark blue shades. It will give you the opportunity…
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Cobalt blue bathroom tile


Cobalt is one of the brightest shades of blue. It is used not so often as other shades of blue in the bathroom interior. Nonetheless, this is quite interesting and rare color for bathroom. You need to use it wisely…
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Blue grey bathroom tiles


There’s some blue in grey and some grey in blue. It’s true that these colors are used in bathroom interiors more often than others. So why don’t you match the two of them? Blue grey bathroom tiles could seem a…
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Blue ceramic bathroom tile


When choosing the perfect material for a bathroom most people think about ceramic tile in the first place. No wonder! This kind of material has everything you need to make the ideal bathroom renovation. It is durable and safe, it…
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Blue bathroom tile stickers


God, bless the one who invented tile stickers! It’s a wonderful way to transform bathroom without spending much of your money and energy. Say, you want to change your bathroom but don’t want or don’t have the opportunity to remodel….
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Baby blue bathroom tile


What is the best color for a bathroom? Well, this question depends on your tastes, of course. For some, it is white, for others – black. But there is one color that is tightly associated with water, sea and beach…
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Sky blue bathroom tiles


What color is the most popular in bathroom? If you think it’s white, you are wrong! It is blue! No surprise here as blue is the color of water and sea which is the perfect association for a bathroom. But…
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Small blue bathroom tiles


If you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom unique and interesting, look closer to small blue tile. First of all, the small size is perfect for big spaces while blue color will fit the smaller ones. Blue is…
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Vintage blue bathroom tiles

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Vintage style is irresistible when it comes to home decor. Many of us want to have at least one room in the house with an “old” atmosphere of days long past. Vintage style has that special chic and elegance that…
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Blue mosaic bathroom tiles


One can create a wonderful and vivid interior in a flat thanks to small tile – for example, mosaics. At home, this kind of tile creates an excellent look because it is a true form of art. One of the…
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Aqua blue bathroom tile


Choosing color for your bathroom can be a real headache. We all want to have a perfect retreat where we could rest and spoil ourselves in warm aromatic water in the evening or take an energetic shower in the morning….
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Blue marble bathroom tiles


Marble has always been one of the most expensive and luxurious materials for home interior. Of course, nowadays, there are different cheap substitutes that still look like (and is called) marble, so we have plenty of choice. If you are…
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Blue green bathroom tile


There’s one color that will perfectly fit any bathroom of yours, no matter how big or small it is, if it has windows or not, if it is in the apartment or house. It is blue green shade that will…
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Blue glass mosaic bathroom tiles


Mosaics are one of the most popular decor elements for bathroom remodeling. It is widely used on the walls, on the floor in the shower area and as a decoration around bathtub. Some people even use it to decorate certain…
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