Herringbone bathroom floor tile 2019

Famous herringbone bathroom floor tile is something very unique and not really common for the modern bathroom interior design. So, you may risk in using such ideas but if everything is done correctly then your result will be just great.

Design is rarely a limiting factor with tile, but there are downsides to the flooring. It is cold underfoot, provides a hard walking surface, and offers no sound insulation. On the upside, tile is perfect for installation over a radiant floor heating system, which is a particularly smart investment in a bathroom where it’s important to keep bare feet warm. Also, glossy finishes can be slick, a concern in bathrooms where slip-and-fall accidents are common. You need to ask chosenr dealer about newer products designed with anti-slip surfaces or talk to your installer about applying non-slip additives on top of your floor.

Looking at the pictures and photos of herringbone tiles design you may see that is it indeed can be used more for the retro and vintage styes, or at least for the Scandinavian interior design. On the upside, most tile is stain-resistant (porous marble, however, is easily stained if spills aren’t quickly wiped up). Sealed tile and grout are also water-resistant, making it a great choice for the bathroom. Likewise, tile is scratch resistant, perfect for homes with pets. And as long as non-toxic grout and sealants are used, tile floors are great for allergy sufferers.

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