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Decorative bathroom wall tile designs 2022


If you really think about decorative bathroom wall tile design ideas then you are the right place. In fact, decoration of the bathroom means not working with tiles only but also with many additional details. For instance, there are many…
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Custom bathroom tile photos 2022


Where to find great custom bathroom tile photos? What could be the best source ever? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best source, it is quite the opposite – you may find a lot of beautiful pictures and photos just around yourself in modern virtual space. Photos of customized bathroom tiles also can be found in numerous blogs online. In such a case you also may see the whole process of bathroom renovation and remodeling made step by step along with a description and maybe some advice. The most common source to check for those pictures and some great ideas is to visit designer studios. It is a good and reliable source because there you will see the works of qualified professionals. Meanwhile, just do not hesitate to check out our own gallery here. The Year 2022 collection is here:

Cork bathroom floor tiles ideas 2022


What are the best cork bathroom floor tiles ideas at the modern renovation and home remodeling market? Well, there is a huge pool of ideas for such bathroom designs nowadays. Eco-friendly cork design is getting more and more popular, and…
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Bathroom tiles cork 2022


The most common reason to have bathroom tiles cork is to have a very neat and soft bathroom flooring that is a great feeling when you step on it. Cork tiles for flooring in the bathroom cost more than some…
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Cork bathroom flooring tiles 2022


Is cork bathroom flooring tiles suitable for your very own bathroom? They are indeed warm and soft, nice looking and very sensible when you step on it. Cork flooring tiles can make indeed a very comfortable flooring surface for any…
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Slate tiles for bathroom floor 2022


Floor decoration in a bathroom can become a serious problem. People love their ability to choose one variant from thousands of them. But the good point becomes the bad one because you can easily be taken aback while considering this…
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Slate bathroom tile pictures 2022


The choice of a particular style for a bathroom is always quite difficult. Some people want their bathroom look original and cute; others prefer something extraordinary and unique. But everyone agrees that bathroom décor should be not only beautiful but…
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Slate tile in bathroom shower 2022


Many people nowadays stick to modern style while decorating their bathroom. They find it beautiful, comfortable and practical. There’re different materials that you can use for creating a modern effect in a bathroom and tile, of course, is one of…
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Slate effect bathroom wall tiles 2022

Picture 7196

Bathroom tile is various in size, color, and material. The choice of the tile depends on the style of the room and proper design. Slate tiles are practically used in creating modern bathrooms. They look plain and solid on the…
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Natural slate bathroom tiles 2022


A bathroom decorated with natural stone is never out of fashion. Beautiful marble and slate patterns make your place look original and fascinating. Many people nowadays use natural slate bathroom tiles for bathroom décor. The quantity of different designs created…
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Bathroom slate tile ideas 2022


Everybody knows that each particular style is connected with some particular materials and colors. They actually are the things that form the style. Slate tile is always associated with the modern style. In this design style professionals usually, use big…
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Limestone bathroom tiles 2022


Limestone bathroom tiles is yet another trend in the home renovation and remodeling area. The shower cabin with walls or floor finished with limestone is able to save the heat for a long time no matter what design ideas were used to create it. Also, such bathrooms with limestone tiles are very ergonomic, practical, and very elegant. The best reason to lay the limestone tiles onto the bathroom floor is that it will provide a very cool soundproof effect unlike any other kind of floors. As well that kind of tiles offers a high level of durability. The main advantages of the limestone bathroom tiles are relatively low cost, elegance, and beauty. It is easy to clean and to replace any broken part. Also, limestone tiles provide the absence of any vibration. The wonderful pictures and photos are at your service in our gallery. The Year 2022 collection is here:

Granite bathroom wall tiles 2022


In order to have granite bathroom wall tiles, you need to make some research first. Because of the wide range of tiles which are being offered by the direct manufacturers, you will have to decide what color, shape, form, texture, and size will be your desired tiles. The offered by the market tiles also may have as similar as distinctive features even though they are all made from natural granite. The tiles may vary in terms of the color and the width of the tile. Some of them may have a special protecting coating which is needed to enhance granite’s anti-bacterial and water-resistant characteristics. The modern design ideas of the granite bathroom are indeed elegant and can be found in numerous magazines, can be seen in the TV ads, and also the whole granite tiles range is of course, is being presented by the manufacturers in the showrooms and on their websites. The Year 2022 collection is right here:

Bathroom tile and granite combinations 2022


Talking about bathroom tile and granite combinations you may remember all those magnificent looking bathrooms on the photos and pictures obtained from the internet or seen in the renovation fashion magazines. Indeed, such combinations do look great yet there are some interesting moments you might find useful. At the modern renovation and home remodeling market nowadays you are able to find various types of tiles and amazingly wide range of granite bathrooms designs. One of the best ways to make your bathroom space look good is to have both, marble tiles and granite finishing since both materials are natural and sophisticated. Granite like marble tiles offers great durability, it is resistant to the exposure of high temperature, and what is most important granite possesses some anti-bacterial characteristics. Meet our new collection of the Year 2022:

Bathroom granite tile 2022

Talking about bathroom granite tile it would be worth mentioning both – shower cabin and bathtub. The granite tiles design is more common for the shower walls but recently the new trend came out and that is about using granite tiles for the bathtub finishing. Another common use of such tiles is the flooring. And that is well understood, simply because granite is a very strong and durable material which looks great yet costs much less compared to the natural stone or marble. There are numerous design ideas in terms of granite tiles use. The tiles can be of various forms, shapes, and colors, one of the most popular granite types is so-called pink granite which looks amazing for the bathroom as it creates certain elegant and romantic moods around. You can see hundreds of the pictures and photos of the granite tiles being used in the bathroom finishing, but it would be better to check the tiles through the direct manufacturer as you will get the full impression about all the characteristics on your own eyes. The Year 2022 collection is here:  

Bathroom countertop granite tile 2022


Nowadays bathroom countertop granite tile finishing is getting so much popular along with granite shower booths, bathtubs, and walls. Even though there are many manufacturers who offer granite tiles for the bathroom countertop still you need to bed carefully while selecting the right design and material. Usually, we can see the granite countertop in the kitchen while those in the bathroom are usually made from marble. Why so? That is because of the specific features and characteristics of both materials. The main characteristic of marble tiles it is being porous which is great for the bathroom settings. As well it is easy to make the work of using marble tiles for the bathroom countertop. Meanwhile, granite looks the same great it costs less, it offers great durability, is resistant to the exposure of chemicals and low and high temperatures along with high levels of moisture and humidity. Just take a look at cool pictures and photos in our gallery or somewhere in the virtual space to get the image of your possible future renovated bathroom. Here is our new collection of the Year 2022:  

Granite tiles for bathroom floor 2022


How often do we use granite tiles for the bathroom floor? While it is not so common a solution for the bathroom to be seen yet it has been gaining popularity lately. The bathroom is one of the most important places in the house which is meant for relaxation. It is offering an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which is a very special place where you can get some rest, unwind and forget about hardworking days outdoor. To make sure the bathroom is indeed such a wonderful place you have to pay attention to the materials being used for the finishing. There are so many design ideas now at the renovation and home remodeling market that you may definitely find something suitable for you. Just don’t be lazy and take a look at numerous luxury pictures and photos in various magazines and on designer websites. To check the materials like tiles you need to see what modern direct manufacturers are willing to offer. The granite tiles for the bathroom floor will be indeed a great idea because you can be sure that such floor will serve you for many years ahead. The Year 2022 collection:

Granite bathroom floor tiles 2022


Before you start laying granite bathroom floor tiles you need to consider that you need a full plan for the whole bathroom space. And that planning is all about the area that should be covered by tiles, therefore, you must know how many tiles you have to buy. Also after seeing wonderful pictures and photos of the chosen bathroom design you have to prepare the floor surface which includes its cleaning. And it means total cleaning, so the surface will be smooth before laying the granite tiles. All the corners should be made even to avoid trouble with laying tiles. After you are done with the preliminary works and then laid all the granite tiles properly, then you will be surprised by the magnificent result of the completed work. Granite will not only provide long-lasting quality flooring but also it will make the bathroom look nice and elegant, sophisticated and cool the same time. Remember that granite tile floors will ensure that you are not going to have water leakage. The Year 2022 collection:    

Neutral bathroom tile designs ideas 2022


Modern neutral bathroom tile designs ideas are now getting more and more popular. That is because such a design can be suitable for any chosen style. Neutral tile design can be further subdivided into the groups by color schemes, shapes, and textures. Of course, such an important part of the house should be made as cozy as possible but at the same time, it is great if the bathroom still remains modern and comfortable. The time of the comfort and innovative mood will stay as long as you choose proper materials for the bathroom walls and floors finishing as well as furniture and other small details. One of the most common ways of floor and walls finishing is to use granite or marble tiles. The modern market is offering a number of various design ideas, and numerous amazing pictures and photos can be found on websites of renovation studios or in the home remodeling magazines. All that will depend on the taste and budget of yours only. The Year 2022 collection is here:  

Mosaic tile murals bathroom 2022


It is not so common to see mosaic tile murals bathroom design. This is because murals are basically are quite expensive to make and also you need quite a large bathroom space to have it there. But nowadays market has…
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Ceramic tile murals for bathroom 2022


Ceramic tile murals for bathroom till now remain something exclusive and not so common, although they have been gaining popularity for the past few years. Basically, murals are painting on the wall, but that is not something that can be…
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