Slate tiles for bathroom floor


Floor decoration in a bathroom can become a serious problem. People love their ability to choose one variant from thousands of them. But the good point becomes the bad one because you can easily be taken aback while considering this…
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Slate bathroom tile pictures


The choice of the particular style for a bathroom is always quite difficult. Some people want their bathroom look original and cute; others prefer something extraordinary and unique. But everyone agrees that bathroom décor should be not only beautiful but…
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Slate tile in bathroom shower


Many people nowadays stick to modern style while decorating their bathroom. They find it beautiful, comfortable and practical. There’re different materials that you can use for creating a modern effect in a bathroom and tile, of course, is one of…
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Slate effect bathroom wall tiles

Picture 7196

Bathroom tile is various in its size, color and material. The choice of the tile depends on the style of the room and proper design. Slate tiles are practically used in creating modern bathrooms. They look plain and solid on…
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Natural slate bathroom tiles


A bathroom decorated with natural stone is never out of fashion. Beautiful marble and slate patterns make your place look original and fascinating. Many people nowadays use natural slate bathroom tiles for bathroom décor. The quantity of different designs created…
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Bathroom slate tile ideas


Everybody knows that each particular style is connected with some particular materials and colors. They actually are the things that form the style. Slate tile is always associated with the modern style. In this design style professionals usually use big…
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