Light bathroom tile designs


No doubts, there are so many contemporary and vintage types of design for the bathrooms are being offered nowadays. You may choose various concepts or go with the ready design or make a customized one. All that is up to you. But maybe it would be wise to stop and not to rush, and pay some more attention to the light bathroom tiles designs. These tiles will be able to bring more light to the bathroom, and in turn, that will enlarge its sizes visually. Also it will help to create such a great mood of joy and happiness, letting you to become fresh and relaxed. The modern market is offering a lot of ideas for the bathroom design, as well as many pictures showing how to use such tiles in the bathroom to get the best effect. Don’t waste your time – go and choose the best ever light tiles for the bathroom, create the brilliant design and have a bright big joyful bathroom at your home.

Plain white bathroom tiles


Sometimes, simplicity has it all. Some people want to make their bathrooms glamorous and luxurious and overdo the idea ruining the whole impression and atmosphere of the space. Others prefer simpler way and win. If you place yourself in the…
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White bathroom tile


White bathrooms gain mixed and even opposite accounts: some people are crazy about this idea, others oppose to it. Negative reaction is explained by the meaning that white bathroom is too cold and looks like hospital. There is a kernel…
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White subway tile tub surround


There are certain places for such a unique and interesting interior design approach as subway tile. It looks especially beautiful in a shower area but if you don’t have defined zone for shower – just a bathtub – don’t get…
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Bathrooms with white subway tile


There are certain criteria that can define such decor element as subway tile: size, rectangular shape, gloss if possible. In other words, it should crate atmosphere of the city and subway where it was first used by French architect Hector…
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White rectangular bathroom tiles


White rectangular bathroom tiles will fit in almost any interior – classic, modern, hi-tech. The best place to use it is on the walls but it will also look great on the floor and in a shower area. The size…
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White sparkle bathroom tiles


White is one of the brightest and lightest colors in the palette. But there is one approach that can make even the “whitest” white look even brighter. This approach is perfect for those of you who want a white bathroom…
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White gloss bathroom tiles


There are many ways to make your white bathroom tile look glossy. Cleaning it is a must but for a starter you need to use highly-gloss tiles, maybe with a mirror effect. The best option for it is subway tiles…
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White subway tile in shower


The concept of subway tile has been invented by French architect and designer Hector Guimard in 1900. He was one of the fathers of Art Nouveau style. For the first time, the subway tile appeared… well… in the subway of…
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White shower tile


The most popular color for bathroom is, of course, white. It’s pure, it’s light, and it gives a sense of freedom. Besides, it can be combined with almost any other color. Moreover, there are dozens of shades of white –…
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Large white bathroom tiles


White tile in the bathroom is a neutral classics that seems too boring to someone. However this color is the best for a space of any style and size. It is able to visually enlarge small bathroom and correct the…
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White ripple bathroom tiles


Rippling pattern is one of the most interesting, especially in bathrooms. It reminds of the ocean waves, sun, beach and summer. No surprise that it will look best in your bathroom interior. Waves can be achieved by many approaches and…
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White hexagon bathroom tile


There are so many shapes and forms when it comes to bathroom tile! Square, rectangular, polygonal… But there’s one shape that can be of special interest for anyone who wants unique home space. If you are choosing tile for bathroom…
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White glitter bathroom tiles


If you’ve dreamed about white bathroom for ages may be it’s time to make your dreams come true. But many people are afraid of getting “hospital” look in the end. To avoid this but still use your favorite white color,…
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Small white bathroom tiles


Small tile is usually what we call mosaics. It is best used in the bathroom – especially in white color – as it can get the space visually bigger and lighter (after all, not every bathroom has windows). But on…
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Plain white bathroom wall tiles


When choosing tile covering for the walls of your bathroom you can get lost in many opportunities. No panic! We are here to help. First of all, remember that the simpler the better. You don’t have to use the most…
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White bathroom wall tile


White wall tile has been known since Antiquity when it was used to decorate walls of palaces and other buildings both inside and outside. White color is the most all-purpose in the interior of any style, be it classics, hi-tech,…
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White hexagon bathroom floor tile


Such geometric figure as hexagon is quite interesting for designers, especially if we speak of ceramic tile. Yes, this wonderful shape can create very intriguing pattern on the surface that looks like honeycombs. Often, hexagon tile in interior is used…
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White glitter bathroom floor tiles


Would you like to have a bathroom that will impress, amaze, surprise? Of course, you would! There are many ways to achieve that result though most of them are too expensive for an average homeowner. Well, we suggest one solution…
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Large white bathroom floor tiles


The choice of flooring for bathroom demands special attention. It must be resistant to mechanical damage and moisture; it should be easy cleaned and wear proof. When choosing color, most designers agree on white for bathroom as it gives a…
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White shower floor tile


White is the color of purity, comfort and freedom. It is the color that should be used in the home space where you want to spend your time in calmness and tranquility. So, bathroom seems to be the perfect place…
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