Hexagon bathroom floor tile ideas

Probably you’ve seen a million times a bathroom floor decorated with hexagon bathroom tile. But you can’t imagine how many designs may be created with this tile.

Hexagon tile is very comfortable to work with: there are different sizes of it so firstly you should choose the certain size of the tile you want to use. Then you can decide either to put it on the wall or floor just as it is or to think out some unique pattern for bathroom walls or floor. The most frequently used pattern for bathroom floor is the so called ‘flower’: the tiles of the second color form some kind of round flower with tiles of the first color on the background. But there are many other designs that can be fantastic.

We have a small gallery of pictures for you showing hexagon bathroom floor tile ideas. You can look it through and see how this tile can be used in a bathroom décor. 1df24b8f99254ce70dd4e28e79611fe1 2ad94de4f9e3bae78c1b7bdd60a20eed 3ae17eba52d6d540882989f1bfdec3fc 5dd4ef465074ee48f64db7cb37bbff82 6db13b63711f1796766f9be65a008d09 08d90067bd66b3f58c73254dcd2822f0 19f78f994011f7dde828b68b1d8a1d8a 43eda8d371ece415ce8fd4100e786bd6 50a809f2802c7ab6b1b2453c7f0739ec 061cde86973994bfc8b071d5fe19b524 67a98925ae0d928d7ae239f511dcd1c1 74e91708c8c7ee9341aa1b483930ac5a 77a7eb9c68b31fc651585a5ce19615fc 100a8a19b674dacf479c75bb62a48458 458a1585bae67d0ba63a954b4372eac8 580acaaf7910624f9d1da32c582d7659 581cdaf71c4dccb98678702db0f7ad91 635a329d26026b0afb6121027f7a2d64 959e1728db2defecaa97515a9a86b459 967fcd60539c67f04cb88da2dd638a1e 4436dd408ef0116918af70d1b589e325 67567c1f85e1fa492c169c9fd6a74a23 a4f32b5b496ec8077c49d7a45828779d a91fec1623925e01f795f503dfa234c0 aac2dc05fbb9c1bf7d2da0e080725cf8 bad898ec816097fbb1d05be7364e71c8 c44dcbe7ef3ddf808a849f58ccf9b1a9 f0da591ca33866abe3bb7e2eaa803f01 f55d16800345f3ba62cf9683d95e85ce fd430e0ca53ec324411ee7788fe57807

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