Hexagon ceramic bathroom tile

As you may have already seen, bathroom tile is numerous in its shape, color, size, material and purpose. And the topic of this article is hexagon tile and the possible variants of its usage.

This tile is usually made of ceramics or marble and has eight sides. It maybe of different size and color which makes it perfect for any type of décor. It can be placed both on the wall and on the floor. You can use this tile only to create a kind of modern style for your bathroom, or combine different sizes and colors of the tile to create magnificent patterns. You can also use this tile as a component of the particular design: it perfectly suits for creating modern and classical bathrooms.

All in all, you can’t estimate the possible usage of hex tile unless you see it with your own eyes. That’s why there are some pictures of hexagon ceramic bathroom tile down here. Ideas expressed here can help you find inspiration. faba9605cc73f63f1edb34b0841718c9 0ca605cb6ed903e53e68101edc27eb1e 3dd19bcbbf4e6ec313e092231094dd61 05c3ddb70d5d2d27dd1e8472d6a548bd 8d42c3fdc7da7d6cb359b47b2af085c6 9cae5755ac5fb7d64b963a2b07461194 20f79310529d67ffb8d33e6d2c84b391 27a2300693d204e2043aac855513a735 44c24e0087673c6f5009d3de4a6c3a68 271f9bf92c14e010e2f68214637cff3c 323d99f6cec5e2c234ff543100dbb758 474b4f5be17dc7ebb048cc5615435b98 482a508623814b5ca91237fef7131426 538eac00397c4f92f4ecc6c92500c87c 622e18d5e3fae4442125bf40e9bd6363 0638a143c218e586f01b1ee68684ed81 911d41557f2c6579e9440b758a74c12e 3042ae2b5fa55f846b359eea00cbb1ea 9175c5855c1b75c6b6fb76dbb394d285 1122003884904339dfbdc6320ef03a84 a1ebb96a747e9839e86ab42ca2ca8d59 b01ead2f530f3b3dcfdf36bc09c5cb40 b8792f28fd9b2397aec80c4c94ca322f ca3f0d8b8d99c0f7f34d91729899d727 cb0403ffa6398143f4c9a636ecdc9bc5 ccfce53cbeeeb8f40638070c7a7b1a35 dd4b0496e147ab1db4c70d0c2ab615e3 eb72bba6b74dafed9e0712d23b2117af f21ddfc15b5336f14a351f5b2472d48d f25364871eef4a50ece11879800bf5ee

  1. Tracey Imperati

    I am trying to find out about the gray, black and white flower pattern in the 2nd photo? Is this available to buy somewhere?

  2. Elizabeth

    I absolutely would love to put that second image, gray/white/black hex, in a bathroom we are currently reno-ing. PLEASE, PLEASE…where can I purchase?


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