Retro pink bathroom tile 2022


Pink is the color that can’t leave someone cold. It is either loved or hated. But pink has many shades that can have a completely different effect on the interior design of the bathroom. If you use bright pink it…
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Pink glitter bathroom tiles 2022

pink _glitter_bathroom_tiles_9

What can be more girly and glamorous than the pink bathroom? The only pink bathroom that sparks! If you want a bathroom that would sparkle like a glass of champagne, surely, you have already considered pink to be one of…
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4×4 pink bathroom tile 2022


What are the advantages of a 4×4 pink bathroom tile? Well, there are many, as it seems. It’s easy to tile and easy to clean. It looks neat and in order thanks to its square shape. It creates an atmosphere…
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1950s pink bathroom tile


The elegance and splendor of the 50s style in home decor are easily understood. A sense of austere style and chic glamour, an atmosphere of pure elegance and exquisiteness – no wonder so many people choose to apply the 50s…
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Vintage pink bathroom tile 2022


Vintage is one of the styles that you can’t resist. You just can’t. No matter how much you love contemporary interiors sometimes you just want to feel old. So, if you want to have a vintage style bathroom in your…
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Pink bathroom wall tiles 2022


When choosing a color for your bathroom to think about pink – it is one of the most romantic and warm colors in the palette. The only problem here is the right shade of pink – it shouldn’t be too…
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Pink bathroom floor tiles 2022


Pink is considered a “girly” color, no matter the shade. So, if you want a room in your house that would say “a girl lives here” then think about arranging a pink bathroom! This is the room where you can…
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Pink bathroom tile 2022

pink _bathroom_tile_4

There’s this wonderful atmosphere, this romantic aura hanging around pink color. It’s the shade of passion, love, and gentleness. That is if we’re speaking about pastel shade. There’s another – more wild and bold – side of this pink coin,…
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Pink mosaic bathroom tiles 2022


As the legendary Aerosmith band sang, “Pink, it’s not even a question… Pink, it’s the color of passion”. Well, for many people, pink is really not a question when it comes to home decor. More and more people choose this…
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Pink and black bathroom tile 2022


The pink and black color combination is rather rare and specific. While black is standard and classic, pink is glamorous and chic. And when these two colors meet they create a wonderful marriage of austerity and brightness, a balance of…
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