Vintage pink bathroom tile

Vintage is one of the styles that you can’t resist. You just can’t. No matter how much you love contemporary interiors sometimes you just want to feel old. So, if you want to have a vintage style bathroom in your house you need to follow certain rules of decor:

  1. Every single item in the room should hint at past – from the curtains on the shower to the clawfoot bathtub.
  2. The whole atmosphere of the bathroom should evoke the sense of the past, something old but beautiful.
  3. You must be ready to spend a lot of time, money and patience.

If you follow these three simple rules you’ll get the vintage style bathroom that would be one of a kind. If you’re at a loss what kind of tile to use – pay attention to vintage pink bathroom tile. Pink – especially, pastel pink – is the perfect color to create that special atmosphere of the days long passed. You can experiment with shapes and designs but the pink color will make the job for you.

If you don’t believe us just look at the photo ideas below and get inspired!

1980s-pink-tile 3859468099_b42529ae20_o bathroom-beautiful-interior-designs-pink-ceramic-tile-470619 charming-bathroom-before cooks-full-50s-pink-bath Grouting-Pink-Bathroom-001 Grouting-Pink-Bathroom-004 images (1) images jeffs-pink-bathroom mississauga-house-317 our-pink-tile-with-new-curtain pink-bathroom-remodel-before-after pink-tile-bathroom-decorating-ideas pink-tiled-shower pink-touching-sense-in-vintage-pastel-bathroom-design pink-touching-sense-in-vintage-pastel-bathroom-inspiration stunning-fancy-bathroom-with-the-pink-color stylish-modern-pink-coloured-bathroom-interior-rendering vintage-pink-tile-bathroom (1)

  1. Mary

    I am not a vintage style fun, but this baby pink tile stroke me. It doesn’t even look like old, just stylish. The only thing is dark red tub, it doesn’t fit here. If I ever have my own house, I will adjust my bathroom this way.

  2. Sam

    Scenery reminiscent of old-style baths. This design was fashionable 20 years ago. Floor, checkered tiles, white cabinets and other furniture – reminiscent of scenes from old movies. But even now the bath looks interesting and harmonious.


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