Victorian black and white bathroom floor tiles 2022

Victorian style is one of the most popular and beautiful for home interiors. It adds a certain royal atmosphere and a luxurious feel to almost any room.

Victorian style fits especially perfectly into the bathroom because it is the place where we like being alone and spoil ourselves with “royal” pastime. Why not make this space feel like your own little kingdom? Using Victorian black and white bathroom floor tiles is one of the best ways to achieve this effect. This kind of floor treatment will add a special atmosphere even to a tiny bathroom. The trick here is to wisely choose the layout and make a pattern for everyone else to envy.

Black and the white color combo will never go out of date; add Victorian style to this win-win solution and you will get a perfect bathroom interior for your precious moments alone. Look at the ideas we suggest to gain inspiration. Meet our new collection, the Year 2022:






















  1. Elya

    The ornaments of Victorian Style in white-and-black colours look really beautiful and, as it are written, royal. With these tiles the bathroom will look not only sumptuously, but also a little airy. I think, that colours that are used in these tiles supposed to be together and add some inscrutability, stringency and beauty in ourselves-time. That’s why I think, that Victorian Style is one of the best decisions in bathroom-design.

  2. Marianne

    Bathroom with Victorian style tiles looks beautiful and chic. It’s a bit austere at the same time, maybe because of white and black color combination. As for me, I’d love to add some green plants and bright colors to animate the interior. But the idea of such bathroom is really brilliant. I guess any woman would love to have such bathroom and to be a queen in her own kingdom.

  3. Helen

    Really interesting decision for decorting a bahtroom! Very simple, but still royal! This colours are classical, so, after years tey won’t irratate you. Also there is a possibility to add some bright colours, but only if you want. The style is perfect.

  4. Helen

    Victorian style is gorgeous and my lifetime dream, but my bathroom isn’t big enough and I don’t have an idea how to make this style suitable there.

  5. Jhon

    I really liked the sixth bathroom. My wife and I have been looking for like for us. Especially liked the choice of flower near a bathtub. I thought the flowers can not survive in a humidity.

  6. Kate

    Bathroom made in black – white style looks quite original. My husband and I recently made repairs, only to the bathroom until they reached. All were looking for on the internet in which variations can put tile, now I think, will soon begin to do. Besides, I’ve always liked a combination of colors, yin and yang.

  7. Nicholas

    I like Victorian style, because with the help of elements of interior, which we were made in this style, any room begin to look luxurios and refined. In my opinion, the choice of this style demonstrates a good taste of the people, who live in this house. Black and white colors of interior don’t spoil the impression of luxury. They only add it in a rather successful way.


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