Subway tile chair rail bathroom

Chair rail is a molding on an interior wall that prevents chairs from rubbing against plaster.

This decorative element was created as a protection for the newly made walls but soon became a piece of decoration. It is used in every room of the house, even in a bathroom. Using a chair rail is a good way to separate two materials on the wall. It is used usually to separate beadboard or subway tile with the paint. Chair rails can be made of marbel, ceramic or plastic. Of course, marbel and ceramic is the best suitable for bathrooms. Also it can hide the lines whene the tile ends and paint begins. Using this element in bathroom decorating helps to create a homelike, cute and cozy design.

If you are interested in subway tile chair rail bathrooms, or just looking for ideas to renovate your place, please look through our small gallery. Maybe these pictures will inspire you.

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Luxurious modern bathroom with bathtub and hanging bathrobe


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