Seafoam green bathroom tile

We all associate blue and green colors with water and sea so it’s no surprise that many people prefer seeing these colors in their bathrooms. But what should we do if we still want to use these colors but are afraid to be tired of them in two weeks already? There is a way! You need to combine those colors in one and get the perfect shade you will never get tired of.

Seafoam green bathroom tile is you savior! This is the shade you rarely see in the bathroom despite its associations with water. The answer is simple – this color consists of many shades of blue and green so it’s “different” enough to cheer you up forever. You will never get tired of it as it would look new and fresh under different light conditions.

Seafoam green tile is rather hard to find but it is a worthy quest. There are many manufacturers on the market offering tile of this color in dozens of designs: big and small, textured and smooth, square and hexagon. Mosaic is also a good choice – you can add as many shades as you want.

No matter what kind of finishing you will choose, you need some inspiration to start with. And we are here to give you a helping hand with our gallery of interesting and unique ideas. Enjoy!

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images (1) images IMG_0374-768x1024 IMG_0377-768x1024 IMG_2187 IMG_2213 large-bathroom-design-with-mosaic-wall-small-bathroom-design-1024x768 lovely-green-bathroom-by-emelyjensen Luxurious-Green-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-With-Natural-Nuance-Stunning-Sink-Mirror-Towel-Tile-Wall-Coral-Green-Bathroom-Color-Pictures-Design-Ideas- mint-green-room-tumblr-l-604dd3c53d0901ec photo1 seafoam-reflective-tile-1-thumb-970xauto-52611 Tiles-Design-Ideas-For-Modern-Bathroom-02 walls-vapor-glass-subway-tile-4x12-subway-tile-outlet-using-4x12-subway-tile-white-to-make-clean-and-simple-bathroom-design-4x12-subway-tile-backsplash-4x12-glass-tile-backsplash-4x12-1013x1 ziggy on toilet in green bathroom

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