Is travertine tile good for bathroom floors

Today with so many decorative materials on the market and a great number of the bathroom design you may start asking yourself a question – is travertine tile good for bathroom floors?

Yes, and no. Because as any other material travertine has its own pros and cons. Let’s see. Travertine is one of the most popular natural stone which is used for the external and internal furnishing. A lot of ideas were recently put online by many design studios about its use in the bathroom design, and of course, all the photos and pictures are just beautiful. Travertine origin is tied to the chemical way without any live organisms being involved in the process. It has a porous structure but can be worked on without any difficulties.

The best thing about travertine use is its strength and durability. The density and hardness depend on the type of travertine with some of them having greater strength compare to others. Meet our new collection:

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Ceramic Bathroom Tile Modern Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas -

Ceramic Bathroom Tile Modern Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas –

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When selecting the ideal shower design for your bathroom, there ar several aspects of the project to consider before a final decision is made.Aside from granite, glass tiles ar by far the most expensive bathroom tile shower design of the bunch.Interior designers love to use granite tiles as kitchen and bathroom counters, kitchen and bathroom floors, kitchen backdrops and of course, as shower tiles.

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