Is porcelain tile really good for bathroom floors

When you renovate your bathroom you evidently face the question of decorating floors. And that is one of the most difficult problems.

You should choose the material which is waterproof, washable, not very fragile so a man can step on it without breaking it. It also should be beautiful, maybe with some glossy effect to emphasize the place and cheap enough to decorate the whole floor. Here we recommend you to pay your attention to porcelain tile. As any tile, it is the most suitable for the bathroom thanks to its waterproof. It is also quite strong to be put on the floor; it is glossy and can imitate any other material – marble, glass, wood, etc. And the perfect thing about this tile is that it is much cheaper than the marble or ceramic one.

So answering the question “Is porcelain tile good for bathroom floors” we can surely say “Yes, it is”. Down here we have a gallery of pictures showing you wonderful porcelain tile ideas for the floor. Look them through and maybe you will find a design for your future bathroom.

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  1. Ysaiah

    I have pergo (I HATE IT) I use plain water and a Star Fiber (Micro fiber)mop. The reason I dlkiise it so much is that it shows even water spots and if you drop something on it like something sharp it is not repairable. Our next floor will be a great matte texture tile. I know someone that has one of those electric things that put water on the floor and scrubs it and sucks it back up and it works great on tile floors. I wouldn’t use it on Pergo, too much water. Where is your new house? When do you move in? Been gone on vacation and missed that part on your blog. Best wishes and blessings in your new house. Carol


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