Ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms 2022

Unfortunately, nowadays with the growth of the Earth population, it is not easy to find an apartment or house with very spacious bathrooms like it was years ago. So, many of us have to use common bathrooms of a smaller size. What kind of ceramic tile ideas for the small bathrooms is in trend now?

First of all, let’s recall that black and white combination is not only considered a sophisticated eternal classic but also is able to make your small bathroom look bigger. For that, you may consider such an idea as having a black bathroom floor and white walls. This rule also is suitable for the dark and light colors combination. As well you may choose large size tiles for the floor and smaller size of the wall tiles to visually enlarge the bathroom space.

The small picture pattern on the ceramic tiles will bring some funny and joyful mood to the small bathroom, too. Enjoy our new collection of the Year 2022:

hfi_040810_10 5 4 3 2 after-bathroom-remodel-682x1024 3_133587667335.388 11 9 5 7 L_lazienka2 IMG_2182 Hall Bath Before and after (4) 72 res2_lg fr_blanco2web image-276422 come-decorare-con-mosaici-e-piastrelle_983f86139f12b05e7640745af9670915

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  1. Toshifumi

    I’ve been a lurker of GOMI for some time now and I have to chime in on this one I’m sckohed at the size of the house as well. I knew it was bigger, but not this big. And not to get all the pictures of the home (the BATHTUB) is a clear sign that even HA knew she would get more flack for it if she did post photos. I think for the staging’ of her home there was none. Ok, maybe some staging, but not a lot. She always seemed like a Mommie Dearest / OCD mom to me and so everything had to be in it’s place and everything was in Homes & Garden condition at every moment, there is very little need to stage. I feel that many times she wanted to be off the wall with her style, but something rooted her to upbringing so that is why the house is clashing with everything she bought. My biggest belief; and it seems to scream all over the house, the possible impending divorce, etc is this: I would rather be poor and happy then rich and miserable. I think that is what happened here. They got a taste of the rich life and maybe the house was came too much in fiances, she knows she’s losing readers, and the pressure of keeping the house up became too much which lead to fights with JA that he couldn’t win. My .02 cents


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