Black and white ceramic tile for bathroom 2022

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular and widespread ways to decorate walls or floor in the bathroom. This kind of material is practical, easily washable, and looks wonderful.

Besides, many manufacturers offer tons of shapes, sizes, and patterns to any taste and preference. Moreover, ceramics is one of the most inexpensive materials that look equally beautiful. When it comes to color choice many people put a stake on black and white combination as it can either add that special touch to your bathroom or completely change the whole atmosphere in it.

Black and white ceramic tile for bathroom will look great on the walls, on the floor and even on the ceiling. Look at the photo ideas to understand what’s best for you. The Year 2022 collection:












  1. Eline

    It looks really beautiful, doesn’t it? I am aware that such a masterpiece will bring a special atmosphere in any bathroom. It’s fascinating, and it seems to create an optical illusion that bathroom is bigger than in real.

  2. Amy

    There are really wolfs on the first photo? Oh my, I love it! Ideas like this will not only make your bathroom unforgettable, but also add a special atmosphere. And decision to use white and black makes it some sort of classic.

  3. Alexis

    Ceramic is rather good choice for the bathroom because of its features, as it was underlined in the article: it can be washed easily (it is especially important for the room with such functions) and it looks stylish. That’s why ceramic is so popular. As for me, I like this material and prefer it exactly in such view as it is demonstrated on the photos: in black and white colors, because they make an interesting contrast.

  4. Nicholas

    In my opinion, ceramic is a good material for a bathroom thanks to its different features. When it is made in black and white colors, it only helps it to look better – really stylish and luxurios.


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